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Ich persönlich verwende #Manjaro mit #Cinnamon. Manjaro nimmt es mit unfreier Software auch nicht so genau, so finden sich in manchen offiziellen Varianten Verknüpfungen zu #Steam und MS Office Online. Außerdem kann bei Installation das unfreie #FreeOffice von Softmaker als Alternative zu #LibreOffice anwählen.
I have been testing my ability to switch over to linux for everything the last couple of weeks and it is amazing.

I have tried this more times then i can remember but still wanted to go back to windows for certain games and more times then not did not use linux that often.

Now with #steam #proton and all the good work with #lutris and the amazing linux gaming community i have not been wanting to go back.

Thanks everyone that made this possible. You Rock!
#SuperTuxKart 1.1 released improving UI, network play, chat and starting the dual licensing to support e.g. #steam
Don't be afraid! Problems with missing libraries are rather common even on supported #Linux distributions when installing games from #GOG or even #Steam. Often they can easily be fixed. #LinuxGaming has improved a lot but can be still be a convoluted mess at times (compared to #Windows).
I am not using #Solus anymore for my #gaming pc, because the update mirrors are to low on bandwidth. so I installed #LinuxMint last week and it works amazingly well (as I already knew because everyone non-tech-savvy in my circles gets it installed very quickly). But now I tried #AssassinsCreed Unity with #Steam #Proton. It's running like a charm.
I've been using #Ubuntu as my daily driver for a few months, but I ran into a frustrating issue with trying to animate with #unity3d and so I went in search of another #distro. I started down #fedora, but found that my Nvidia GPU is causing no end to the headaches, so I'm considering #arch instead.

I game on #steam and #gog, and was concerned about support. I played on my stock Ubuntu installation without issue. I really want Fedora to work tho, and the installation process hangs :(.
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