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Vor gut 24 Stunden habe ich meinen PI-Hole auf die Beta-Version 5 gehoben. Bin überrascht, dass es trotz der Warnung von den Entwicklern so stabil läuft. Mir wären bis jetzt keine Probleme aufgefallen.
Ich liebe dieses schwarze Loch einfach..... 🍻

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Die Einschränkungen für #Adblocker in #Chrome kommen wohl mit Version 80. Spätestens jetzt ist es Zeit zum #Mozilla #Firefox zu wechseln, falls ihr das nicht eh schon gemacht habt.

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Der Totale Krieg im Internet

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"We have noticed that you are using adblocker"

This is what another website said to me a minute ago. Then it asked to whitelist them.

Dear website, you are wrong. I am not using ad blocker. I use some anti-tracking functionality in my browser. I don't even have control on most part of it unless I want to pop up the hood and go really deep in there. Also I use some blacklisting of especially abusive ads and trackers on my router. Sorry, I can't whitelist you, there is simply no easy click of a button to do so.

And you know, website, it took years and years, decades even to develop this sort of environment you find yourself running in. At first I was even glad to see banners. They were fun to see. Then as years went by I installed ad blocker. It was really simple back then. Then it just went on and on - and here we are. You are not whitelistable. Most likely your ads won't display even on unfiltered direct connection and clean Firefox install with default settings.

So what can I do? Ask yourself, dear website, how have you driven all of us to this. Sure as hell it wasn't me.

Now when we have this cleared I am going to look for an easy way to bypass your "anti-adblock" shield. I won't even bother using any dedicated tools for that. If in about 30 seconds I won't see the content I want I will close the page and move on. Also I'll make a mental note not to click on your links again because of this.

How to fix this, you ask me? I don't know. Maybe accept the fact that ads are so last century? How about dropping these user tracking annoyingly contextual ads altogether and try something else? Like, you know, conscious advertising? Like old school magazines (the ones on paper) did?

And DoubleClick and friends can go fuck themselves. Ad banners are dinosaurs and the business feels chilly because the asteroid already hit.

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