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Ah, steht bei #Arch schon als Update zur Verfügung
TheFuzzStone - 2021-03-15 09:00:35 GMT
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I tried something different last night by installing #arch on an #hp laptop after having a few too many rounds of #whiskey. The install went well, but reading command line input (and output) was a challenge. Now, there is a physical machine in the home running #archlinux with #cinnamon as the desktop environment. I wouldn't drive a car that intoxicated, but installing Arch was definitely a spontaneous act from a state of poor judgment and an altered mindset. :crazy:
Wen es interessiert: Mein Profilbild, in voller Größe. Wurde vom wundervollen @eichkat3r geschaffen!
#linux #arch #debian #comic #eichkat3r #wizardry
Das #Arch #Linux Wiki:
Hat mir schon so häufig Fragen über Distributionsgrenzen hinweg beantwortet.
Typical #Linux troubleshooting: the microphone input of a #Thinkpad #E555 (a device from 2014) was not listed at all by #PulseAudio in #Kubuntu 20.04. Searched the web for solutions. It looks like the Conexant CX20751 audio chip is known for causing problems in Linux. Found the solution in the amazing #ArchLinux wiki: 👍
#ArchWiki #Arch
Danke für deine Schilderungen! :yayblob: Ich glaube auch, dass ich mit #Arch bzw. #EndeavourOS gut zurechtkomme. #Manjaro nimm trotzdem eine Rolle ein, die so keine andere Distri besetzt. Es lässt sich als #RollingRelease-Distri von unerfahrenen Nutzer*innen quasi ganz ohne Terminalkenntnisse einrichten und langfristig bedienen, denn viele GUI-Tools wie z. B. #Pamac sind Eigenentwicklungen von #Manjaro. Im Grunde kann man #Manjaro damit auch Ein-/Umsteiger*innen empfehlen.
Arch: AUR is not an official repository and we are not responsible for anything in AUR.
Also Every page in Arch Wiki: You want this functionality? Here's a AUR package to do it. #Arch
I see Arch has an outdated version of Netsurf?
Can anyone here please notify the powers at be? #Arch #packages
Been using an old laptop these days. One with an old Intel Centrino2 CPU and only 2GBs of ram. Thought it would be a good machine to submerge myself in CLI app.
Running Artix+JWM. Runs really well.

I have noticed that the more comfortable I get with CLI apps the more I dislike GUIs.haha. Fascinating, really.

I'll post a list if my favourite apps in due time. #foss #arch #nosystemd
I wonder whether I should run Arch, by the way.

I'm getting a new laptop soon and want to finally try switching fully to #linux. I've played with #ubuntu before and it's fine, but I hear people talk about #mint and #arch a lot. Any major reasons I should consider one of those (or a different distro altogether) instead?

I'm pretty fluent with and unafraid of technology, but I also want to spend my free time working on my side project, not just doing IT troubleshooting, so some stability and ease of use are desirable.
I've been using #Ubuntu as my daily driver for a few months, but I ran into a frustrating issue with trying to animate with #unity3d and so I went in search of another #distro. I started down #fedora, but found that my Nvidia GPU is causing no end to the headaches, so I'm considering #arch instead.

I game on #steam and #gog, and was concerned about support. I played on my stock Ubuntu installation without issue. I really want Fedora to work tho, and the installation process hangs :(.
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