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Aber echt jetzt mal, wer macht denn bitte Witze über #Google's #SocialMedia Ding?

Watch "Leben ohne Google: GEHT DAS?! (Alternativen für GMail, Chrome, Maps) mit @MrWissen2go" on YouTube
Nur echt mit Google Analytics!

Hat das #HPI den Leak vielleicht mittlerweile auch drin? Finde da zumindest auf die Schnelle keine Tracker:

Fuck #gafam #google
I can’t believe I’m having to write this code in a fucking web server. What a mockery of the web, human rights, and the GDPR.

Fuck you, Google!

#FLoC #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism
As a father of 3 daughters, I think I understand your perspective.

But one of the issues of this whole story is that the struggle you are talking about, has been misdirected toward a man who was not sexist, mysogin or transphobic at all... just weird.

It's a long story, and I do not want to annoy you if you don't care about the details, but well known feminists and transpeople (and even several women that I personally know and know #RMS by decades) have either signed the letter in his defence or publicly wrote against this attack to his person.

I could provide you a few link but you find most interesting ones

You can trust my words or not, but you can easily check that even the attackers have retracted some their accusations to reduce the legal risks for the signers

So here is the thing: the alligations against Stallman are false.

And yet, they managed to force him to resign from FSF 2 years ago and now that he is coming back, they raised this new campaign again.

And if you look at the organizations that signed the harrassing letter early, you will notice how many have BigTech among their platinum sponsors (Google in particular)

Since 2013 FSFE (that joined the lynching mob early with their own letter) takes more than 10% (but less than 20%) of its whole income from #Google:

So ultimately the struggle of women and trans working in IT (and in #FreeSoftware in particular) has been weaponized to target a single man.

Now I'm happy to stay on the struggle, but here we have to ask which one?

The one strumentalized and weaponized or the one of the victim of such attack?

I'd argue: both!

But in this hatred climate it's very difficult to talk with the people whose suffering has been weaponized.

And this is heart-breaking.
And dangerous, I think.

Because it won't fix problems, but hide them.

Anyway... thanks for your link, I'll read as soon as possible.

And if you want to talk about the struggles of women in tech and how they could be addressed, I'm very interested.
10 years ago #Oracle sued #Google for copyright and patent infringement because Google copied some of Oracle's Java APIs in early version of #Android. The case went up to the #SupremeCourt which has now rejected Oracle's claims and ruled on favor of Google. Anything else could have ended in a nightmare for #FreeSoftware.
A friend gave me his 2nd gen #Chromecast. Can I do anything useful with without turning my home network into a #Google infested nightmare? 🤔
#Signal ignoriert seit Jahren die Probleme mit dem viel zu hohen Akkuverbrauch auf Geräten ohne #Google Dienste oder #microG...
#Google translating from a #gender neutral language to English. #sexism
Das machen andere sicherlich auch aber #Google sagt es einem wenigstens direkt ins Gesicht. 😀

Wie Google sexistische Klischees pusht | DW | 07.03.2021

Frauen aus Osteuropa und Südamerika sind besonders sexy und lieben Dates? Eine DW-Analyse zeigt, wie die Suchmaschine Google negative Stereotype verstärkt.
Wie Google sexistische Klischees pusht | DW | 07.03.2021
#Google #GoogleImages #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Frauen #Datenjournalismus #Sexismus

Wie Google sexistische Klischees pusht | DW | 07.03.2021

Frauen aus Osteuropa und Südamerika sind besonders sexy und lieben Dates? Eine DW-Analyse zeigt, wie die Suchmaschine Google negative Stereotype verstärkt.
Wie Google sexistische Klischees pusht | DW | 07.03.2021
#Google #GoogleImages #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Frauen #Datenjournalismus #Sexismus
Can anyone explain why we settled for those horrible misleading and annoying #cookie notice pop-ups instead of making #cookies also something the browser prompts for like location and webcam?

From #Google, we can't expect anything more. But why doesn't #Firefox do this? Or #Brave?
Nepper, Schlepper, Bauerfänger... die #Taz will sich an #Facebook und #Google verkaufen
Das australische Mediengesetz wird geändert. Darauf haben sich Facebook und Regierungsvertreter geeinigt. Nachrichteninhalte kommen zurück – aber nur zum Teil.
Das ist der Grund, warum wir unseren Mitgliedern (Kunden) dringend empfehlen, auf Google-Hilfen komplett zu verzichten und keine Google-Domains in die Content Security Policy aufzunehmen.
#csp #google #security
"... the most secure messenger" aber #cloudflare und #google auf der Startseite? Nein Danke!
Bitte vervollständigen:
"#Datenschutz made by #Google: Das ist ungefähr so, als wenn man #AndiScheuer den Umgang mit #Steuergeld|ern anvertrauen würde..." :mastoflushed:
Eigentlich keine. Eigentlich deshalb, weil ich Android nutze. Ich habe jedoch viele Apps mit Alternativen von F-Droid ersetzt bzw. ausgetauscht. So ganz kann ja #Google nicht ausgeschlossen werden.
I just got an email from Google letting me know that some passwords I saved in Chrome were leaked in a third party breach.

Luckily, I had changed the passwords for KeePassXC long ago.

Does it mean that Google keeps my passwords in plaintext though?

#cybersec #cybersecurity #google #passwords #leak
#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:
I asked someone whether he is planing to leave #WhatsApp.

He: " long as I have #Siri in my pocket and use #Google, I don't need to care about #Facebook 🤷🏻".

Me: "...😳..."
gibt es da eine gute, einfache Anleitung?

@kuketzblog das wäre was für ein Artikel...

Das #WhatsApp Backup liegt echt unverschlüsselt im Google drive rum?!? Dann ist die e2e Verschlüsselung doch total was für'n A**** oder nicht?
Die Geheimdienste klopfen bei #google an und können dann alles lesen?!? Ernsthaft?!?
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